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    Our Carpentry Services

    Our commitment to bring professionalism, good service & trust to the home repair service & maintenance business. 

    Geranal Carpentry Services

    General Carpentry Work

    General Carpentry services are the services that require the renovation, installation, reparation or fixing of wooden furniture or materials.

    General Carpentry

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    General Carpentry

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    General Carpentry

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    General Carpentry

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    General Carpentry

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    We are a design and finish carpentry services company. Our clienteles are mainly in the high-end residential and commercial sector. We want to be hired by you to do carpentry and wood polish services. We are the best carpentry and woodwork service provider in Delhi, NCR. We aim to meet customer requirements by providing high-quality services at affordable prices. You're not going to believe this, but we're pretty good at carpentry and wood polish. We have 30+ years of experience in both, and we're still in business. And it isn't just luck. We will come to your place and do what you need to make your house look beautiful. 

     All our professionals have worked extensively on various projects, and they understand what it takes to execute any project successfully. Our team can handle all kinds of projects starting from simple to complex and small to large scale projects; also, we have a process that we follow every time, no matter the project. It doesn't matter if it's the first time we've done the project or the 100th time. You can count on us to get things right and provide you with a fantastic product that lasts.

    The team at Wood Glazer is too quick to respond and work as soon as the request is placed. The consultation services are available throughout the week during working hours. We ensure that within 24 you receive a call from our representative to discuss your requirement. After confirming your convenient time and place for meeting your details, we initiate the meeting to consult on design, finish, raw material, brands, and your specific need for carpentry and wood polishing services. We can work with you to create a one-of-a-kind piece that matches your vision. Or, perhaps you might be looking to get your current pieces restored. We can provide expert wood polishing services to bring out the best in your wood furniture.

    As our customer, we would like to help you through the entire process of hiring our team. Wood polishing and carpentry services are both offered through our website; you can book an appointment by simply filling the "free visit & inspection" form available on the website (Home Page & Contact us Page). Also, to book the carpentry and wood polishing services, you can contact us directly by call/ WhatsApp/ email on the details available on the website in the contact us section.

    We look forward to hearing from you! 

    If you are searching for site inspection services for carpentry and wood polish, then you are at the right place. We are a firm that is passionate about providing the best carpentry and wood polishing services to our clients. We're not just in it for the money; we take pride in every job we do. Here at Wood Glazer, we offer our customers a free first site visit and inspection. It is of utmost importance for any customer to get his/her project inspected before signing off on it. The purpose of inspecting the site is to ensure that all requirements set by our clients or customers are met and provided by us. Our team of experts will visit your premises and provide free estimates of the work that needs to be done. We are a well-established company in Delhi and have built up an excellent reputation over years of quality service.

    We are a professional carpentry and wood polishing service provider in Delhi. Wood Glazer is a very well-known one in the area, and its reputation precedes it. Clients trust us because they know that they will always get high-quality products and services from our company, no matter what they need or what they are looking for. Thus, we use genuine and branded products in our carpentry and wood polishing services. We do not compromise with the brand and quality of raw materials. As multiple brands are available in the market, we also offer our clients to choose the brand according to their preferences. We at Wood Glazer use the latest techniques and equipment to deliver high-quality results for our customers.

    We are a well-established company providing quality carpentry and wood polishing services for the last two generations. We provide our services to both commercial and domestic customers. Our carpenters and wood polishers are highly skilled in their respective fields. They have years of experience and are familiar with the different tools and techniques used to give any shape and finish to a piece of wood. We have the latest machines in our workshop, which enable us to polish any type of wood in all shapes and sizes. We have been working with many reputed companies for the past few years. Don't think twice and simply go with our professionals if you want to get your wooden items polished in all corners.

    The site inspection is the first and most important step in the carpentry and wood polish services. Our mission is to keep an open line of communication with you before, during, and after your carpentry and wood polishing services. We want to make sure that our clientele is satisfied with our work; thus, throughout your carpentry and wood polish project, a dedicated site manager will always be there to answer your queries. You can also contact us directly to address your concerns or answer any questions you may have whatsoever. Our team of experts will also visit your site during the services to ensure that all the requirements of your project are being met on time. Site inspection helps us determine that our clients or customers are fully satisfied with our work. We know that you want work done to your satisfaction, and on time, without breaking the bank. If you are looking for a professional and high-end carpenter and wood polishing contractor in India to help you renovate your wooden furniture or cabinets, please get in touch with us!

    A procedure created to preserve wooden antiques and furniture from environmental degradation is wood furniture finishes or simply wood finishes. Whether it's cupboards, tables, or closets, old and worn-out wooden furniture tends to detract from the overall appearance of your living area. However, merely changing the aesthetic of your house with new furniture is not a cost-effective answer. Wood polishing is a fantastic option for restoring antique furniture and making it seem as good as new. The wood may fracture, dry, expand, and decay if not properly finished. Although the primary purpose of each form of wood finish is to provide a protective coating, it may also aid in the improvement of the wood's aesthetic appeal. Whether the wood is old or fresh, finishing is always necessary or advised by specialists. Роlishing brings оut the inherent feаtures оf wооd, restоres its luster, аnd even highlights its grаins. As a result, applying a wood finish is one of the most critical steps.

    Of course, you have the option of finishing your wood yourself. It is, however, difficult to choose and get the right sort of polish, much alone committing significant time and effort in doing so. Allow Wood Glazers to assist you instead. Our team of painters will assist you in determining the sort of finish you like. They will handle the whole operation for you, including choosing if the furniture in question is new or has degraded polish over time. The crew will talk to you about the sort of finish you want as well as your budget. This will assist you in deciding between the three different kinds of wood polishes we offer: Basic Polish, Melamine Polish, and PU Polish. After that, our experts will begin to work on giving you that lovely wooden furniture with a restored sheen and rich appearance.

    In Delhi, we offer skilled carpentry and wood polishing services. The types of coatings and polishes are given below.


    • Poly-coat/Lamination, also known as paraffinated polyester, comes in clear and opaque finishes. The clear finish is very high gloss and exceedingly transparent, and it is colorless, allowing the wood grains to shine out and emphasizing the wood's beauty. The opaque finish creates unparalleled sheen.
    • А роlyurethаne соаting is а protective layer оf роlyurethаne that is led to the surfасe оf а substrаte. Glоssy, muted, ораque, оr trаnsраrent соаtings mаy аll be сreаted.
    • Duco paint is a high-quality, quick-drying paint that may be used on various wood and steel surfaces. House painters use it because it dries quickly and has good color retention. For a painting services job, this is one of the best finishes for any wooden surface.


    • Melamine polish is a closed pore polish, which means it seals the wood's pores, making it non-porous and protecting it from warm/cold surfaces. After application, the coated wood panel or surface has a glossier look than a matt appearance.
    • PU polish, like PU coating, is a polymer that is used to add a protective layer on wood and other furnishings. It's also recognized for polishing polyurethane. Using PU polish, the furniture's exterior is protected from corrosion, weathering, abrasion, as well as other processes that might harm it over time.
    • Shellac polishes have been around for a long time and are frequently referred to as French polish.

    Wood Polishing- Whether it's cupboards, tables, or closets, old and worn out wooden furniture tends to detract from the overall appearance of your living area. Wood polishing is a fantastic way to spruce up old furniture and make it look as good as new. Wood is a rich and long-lasting material, especially for furniture. Wood, like everything else, is susceptible to natural wear and tear as a result of normal use as well as moisture and heat action. It requires frequent care in the form of, you guessed it, wood polish to keep its smooth and shiny appearance. Wood Glazer's wood polishing service is one of a kind. Our staff has the expertise and professionalism to assist you in restoring the lustre and beauty of your furniture. Our goal is to keep your wooden furniture looking natural for a long period. Also, to prepare it for severe weather conditions.

    Carpentry- It's quicker to look for carpenter services online than it is to inquire around for a local professional. What's more, with Wood Glazer, you'll receive background-checked carpenters who make sure you're happy with the results. Custom-made furniture that fits well into a small area is available. Carpentry services are required in both residential and commercial buildings, from the creation of wooden door and window frames to various little or big furnishings. Our staff of skilled carpenters has been trained to assist you in completing any unique project on time and on budget.

    Wood Coating- As we tend to create significant emotional links with certain of our furniture, such as that antique chair given to you by your ancestors that you want to stay in your house for generations.

    Wood Glazer's wood coating services may convert your old unpolished furniture into a glazy one. We can restore your furniture, wooden doors, and windows to their original condition. Wood coating provides your favourite furniture a fresh look while keeping it healthy and robust for many years. It also increases the durability and strength of the wood. The wood gains the ability to survive extreme weather conditions without requiring much maintenance.

    We are situated in Delhi and prefer to give our services there, but we may send a crew to your location if you request it and if you have a huge order.

    We have been quite cautious with what all steps we should take since the pandemic emergency. We've made it necessary for all team members to obtain two doses of the flu vaccine. Not only that, but every day, all employees' temperatures and oxygen levels are checked. We don't allow any of our employees whose health appears to be in jeopardy to come to work, and we make sure that they recover. When it comes to our work environment, it is sterilized on a daily basis. When you schedule a service with Wood Glazer, our crew sanitizes the area before and after work is completed, as well as ensures that all safety precautions are implemented, such as wearing gloves, masks, and ppe kits, so you can relax and enjoy the best of our work.

    Working for Wood Glazer will provide you with valuable expertise, the appropriate equipment, time management, and the capacity to keep expenses down. Woodworking is a time-consuming process that is influenced not only by the worker, but also by the desired result. Planning and design, cutting, drilling, fastening, and sanding and finishing are the five key steps in woodworking that we keep in mind. We can help you prevent common blunders while keeping your project costs reasonable.

    Here are a few benefits of working with Wood Glazer:

    Time is saved - We have all of the essential tools and equipment, as well as the necessary knowledge and experience to save you a lot of time. Time is money, as we all know.

    Best results - Our professional carpenters will not only complete work quickly, but also to the highest possible standard, without leaving a mess behind.

    No hidden cost- There will be no hidden expenses while dealing with Wood Glazer because the contract will cover the entire cost of the work indicated. We will make allowances if there are any glitches or unexpected expenses.

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